Reliable Plumbing Services


Residential and Commercial Plumbing

D & L Drain Service in Wooster, OH offers reliable plumbing repair and
installation services at affordable rates. Our team of dedicated plumbers has the knowledge and experience to handle your residential or commercial plumbing system. Take full advantage of our services and rest assured knowing that your pipes and drains will be handled by experts.

Our Services Include:

Pipe Patching
Plumbing Installation
Plumbing Maintenance
Plumbing Repair
Root Cutting
Sewer and Drain Cleaning
Sewer and Drain Repair

We Can Expertly Handle:

Basement Drains
Farm Tile Lines
Household Drains
Liquid Manure Drains
Parlor Drains
Sanitary Sewers
Septic Drain
Spouting Drains
Storm Sewers

We Can Expertly Handle:

Down Spouts
Drainage Systems

Call Us for Emergency Plumbing Services

Faulty pipes not only increase the cost of water bill but also damage the floor and other surfaces. Let us promptly address your plumbing problems to help you save water and money. Call us at (330) 439-5462 when you need emergency plumbing services. One of our professional plumbers will be at your place right away.